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Stephanie Bernaba is a seasoned professional writer, recently celebrating over a decade in the field.

She has a particular affinity for entertainment, human interest, education, food, life in New England, and discovering, as a mother of three, how best to raise dynamic children in a tech-saturated world.​

She has been an expert in Entertainment and Pop Culture at and Redbook Magazine, and wrote television and movie features at Screen Rant. She writes currently at Business Insider and Forbes Advisor.​

She writes on a variety of human interest topics including arts and living, reviews art exhibits and theatre productions, and copywrites a variety of topics for private clients. 

Stephanie is a news, sports, and events photographer and a member of and mentor for the National Press Photographers Association.

Stephanie adores Rhode Island, its food, its culture, the ocean, and sharing stories about the charming and resourceful individuals who make the state their home. 

She is a champion for small businesses, especially women-owned, and enjoys working with children's causes.

Stephanie's big love is music, and you can find her most often singing, attending concerts and live music events, and helping to make music accessible to all.

She is a member of the esteemed and storied National Press Club, the American Society of Journalists and Authors, and the Society of Professional Journalists.

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